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Superfast Business Broadband

Next Generation Broadband is a family of superfast internet access that can really make a difference to your business, why suffer a slow connection? or have you, just got used to it?. By moving to a new fibre connection from as little as £30.00 per month, you will notice an increase in productivity and efficiency within your teams, a worthy investment don’t you think!

Are you looking for…?

Reliably fast broadband for your business

A UK-based support team that you can contact at any time of the day?

The latest ADSL technologies delivering speeds you demand?

A support team that you can contact at any time of the day?

A range of charging options for different customer budgets?

The Benefits?

Superfast products

With some of the UK’s fastest broadband products delivering speeds of up to 80Mbit/s we can meet all your bandwidth needs

Engineering pedigree

A high quality and resilient network built using expertise in large scale IP networks

Value for money

High quality service and support supplied at mid-range prices gives real value for money

Have you Switched Yet?

How does it work?

We have coupled our core Next Generation Network with BT’s Next Generation


Access Network to supply a set of business grade broadband products engineered to the highest standards. Using a variety of technologies such as ADSL 2+, Annex M and FTTC we can deliver speeds of up to 80Mbit/s, depending on your location.


We believe business customers look for the following 3 things in a broadband supplier: service reliability, value for money and service speeds. Our NextGen Broadband has been built using the highest engineering standards and uses the latest ADSL technologies to provide reliably fast services. All at a price that represents great value for money.

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