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Do you have an effective continuity plan in place?

Business continuity planning

Do you have an effective continuity plan in place?

With the current pandemic crisis creating challenging and uncertain times for businesses, it has highlighted just how important it is to have an effective and appropriate business continuity plan in place, which also covers your communication and systems.

Communication is a vital part of business, so it is vital that you have a plan in place covering how you will continue to communicate effectively with your team, clients and prospects.

Through simply introducing systems, applications and methods of communication that are agile and flexible, your business can ensure that you will stay switched ‘on’ at all times.

Mitigate the risk of downtime

A key issue for many businesses in a time of crisis is the potential risk of downtime.

Having appropriate systems already in place can help to ensure that you and your team are not solely restricted to working within an office, easily facilitating remote working should a situation occur where your staff are needed to work from home.

Your system will then be able to support your team, so they can start working immediately with minimal if any issues or interruptions, reducing downtime.

Continue working as normal

A flexible system will also help to ensure that your team has access to everything that they need to continue working as close to normal as possible.

You can also easily make changes in the system to allow the ability to share documents with others, such as clients, stakeholders and other members in the team, enabling them to continue working collaboratively despite them no longer being in the same workplace.

Maintain the customer experience

Finally, an effective continuity plan and system will help to ensure that you can continue communicating with your customers, without impacting their experience.

Due to these systems being able to integrate seamlessly within your business, you can set up the system in such a way that your customers won’t even be able to notice a change.

How is your business coping during the current pandemic and has this uncertain time highlighted how you may need to think about introducing new practices, processes and systems to aid with your business continuity in the future?

Although all of our focus is currently on getting through this crisis, it is also important that we look ahead and consider how we can take the lessons learned and adapt in the future. In particular how we can adapt our processes, systems and methods of communication to ensure we can continue to work efficiently and effectively in all situations.

Anthony Gander
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