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What is VoIP?

Basically, a VoIP service uses the Internet to make phone calls, instead of the old-fashioned phone network (known as the PSTN, publicly switched telephone network).

At Insightconxs, we take security and toll fraud very seriously, therefore as part of your monthly package at no extra cost or engineering cost, we update your phones, firmware, and network so that you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you are safe.

What is Internet Protocol?

Internet protocol is what allows you to access web sites and the Internet. It allows you to exchange data with other sites on the web. VoIP converts your voice into data and then sends and receives this data on the Internet.

How does VOIP work?

VoIP converts the sound of your voice into data and uses Internet Protocol to send that data over a Broadband / Fibre circuits.

What do I need to use VoIP?

You need a high-speed internet connection, an IP phone and a VoIP Service Provider. You can use a softphone, which is a computer application that allows you to make VoIP calls from your computer.

How do I use VoIP to make a call?

The same way you would use any Phone previously, just pick up the phone and dial the number you’d like to call. You do have to sign up with a VoIP provider first in order to get service. If you’re using a softphone, you will have to open the program on your computer, then you can dial the number you want to call.

How do I use VoIP to receive a call?

In the same way as you use your current phone, except the calls are being delivered to you over your internet connection.

Who can I call with VoIP?

Anyone with a phone number. You can also conference call more easily and call internationally for much less than using a non-VoIP service.


I've heard bad things about call quality with VoIP?

We’re happy to say that call quality, overall, has vastly improved and is now as good as or better than call quality on a land line. Most call quality issues are caused by poor or incorrectly sized network connectivity.  Both VoIP providers and customers now have access to better, faster Internet networks. This means that calls sound better.

I am moving soon. Can I take VoIP with me?

Yes, a VoIP service will work from any location with internet access.  As your numbers are managed by a VoIP provider, calls can be delivered to any physical location with internet access allows the IP Phones to register phones with the service.

Do I need a computer to use VoIP?

No. With most VoIP service providers, you do not need a computer to use VoIP. You can just use an IP Phone. You do need a computer if you are going to be using a softphone — because a softphone uses your computer as a phone.

For extra flexibility or if you would like access reporting suites, computer for these would be required.

What is IP Telephony?

IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony) is a term used to describe technologies that use the IP protocol to exchange voice, fax, and other forms of information, traditionally carried over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The call travels in the form of packets, over a Local Area Network (LAN), or the Internet, avoiding PSTN tolls.

What are SIP Trunks?

SIP trunks are specific telephone line trunks delivered over IP using the SIP protocol. Using this standard protocol, telecom service (VoIP) providers connect one or more channels to a customer’s existing PBX. Phone numbers and DIDs are linked to the SIP trunk. In many cases numbers can be ported to the SIP trunk.

What is a Hosted Telephony?

A Hosted PBX is a private branch exchange (PBX) delivered as a hosted service. It’s also known as a Virtual PBX and the advantages companies that use it experience are the elimination of installation, operation and maintenance costs of their VoIP PBX as their VoIP service provider hosts their PBX for them.

A Hosted PBX still allows companies to utilise and take complete advantage of their phone system’s feature set such as voicemail, faxing, automated greetings, conferences and so on.

Companies that offer Hosted PBX’s as a service to their customers handle the call routing or switching as well as all maintenance involved in the hosted PBX service.

There are three ways that a hosted PBX works; either over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) over the Internet (hosted IP PBX via Internet Telephony or Voice Over IP, VoIP) or with a combination of the two.


What to look for in a Hosted Telephony/VOIP Provider?

The biggest benefits are the cost and the network issues that arise when a small company wants to install a Unified Communications solution. Small companies don’t have the bandwidth to put VoIP and UC on their internal networks so suddenly, they will need to worry about quality of service. Hosted VOIP Providers eliminate this headache for businesses. The Hosted VOIP Provider still must be managed by the business but they will not need to hire a dedicated person to do so.

For small companies with 5 to 10 connections hosted PBXs are ideal as they do not have any

in-house administration to worry about and neither are they involved in the phone system.

As with any service provider, it’s up to the customer to do their research and compare hosted VoIP/PBX providers to find the one that best fits their needs.
Initially companies must look at finding a hosted PBX provider that supports mobile initiatives. It’s important for the desktop phone system to be able to interact with smartphones or other mobile devices to forward calls, but there are also in-depth applications available from some vendors that will essentially give the user a full desktop client on their mobile device. This is particularly helpful for companies that embrace bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and want to give users the ability to use mobile VoIP/PBX clients.

It’s also important to find a provider that the company feels that they can trust and that can provide them with personalized customer service.

What to look for in a Hosted Telephony/VOIP Provider?

Hosted Telephony, or Cloud Telephony is a service that delivers all the features and more of a traditional PBX but as a hosted service. Many advantages companies that use it experience are the elimination of installation, operation and maintenance costs of their on-premise VoIP PBX

A Hosted PBX still allows companies to utilise and take complete advantage of their phone system’s feature set such as voicemail, faxing, automated greetings, conferences and so on.

Companies that offer Hosted PBX’s as a service to their customers handle the call routing or switching as well as all maintenance involved in the hosted PBX service.

There are three ways that a hosted service works; either over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) over the Internet (hosted IP Service via Internet Telephony or Voice Over IP, VoIP) or with a combination of the two.

Why should you choose a Hosted PBX for your business?

Most companies have moved or are moving to a Hosted IP Service, as this brings significant benefits to an organisation. Supporting mobility of staff, use of collaborative tools for messaging, video etc.  typically, most customers see a reduction on their IT spend due to the flexibility of being able to scale the service up or down as the business needs to.

What is the difference between analog and VoIP phones?

Analog telephones communicate with one another over traditional copper wires while IP phones transfer information via the internet over a broadband internet connection to another phone where the stream of voice data is reassembled into its original form.

How do you make calls over a VoIP connection?

The same way you would with an ordinary telephone. The only difference is that you use an IP phone that is plugged into an Ethernet connection the same as your computer uses instead of a phone jack because the call is made digitally over the internet.

Can I keep my existing number?

Yes, we can port existing numbers to the new service, ensuring you stay in touch with your customers with no disruption

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The Benefits

Key Benefits of a Hosted VoIP Solution?

Initial and Ongoing cost savings – there’s no need for a large investment before installing your phone system and the maintenance cost of your phone system is much lower as you don’t need to hire someone in-house to operate and maintain your PBX.

Eliminate office boundaries – employees can work from anywhere with a virtual office phone system. Ideal for home-workers and salespeople who are constantly on the move.

Boost of corporate image – by using a hosted phone system a small business can still give the impression of being a large organization with a professional phone system.

Scalability – with a virtual phone system, businesses can add or remove lines and extensions as they grow.

Easy to use – since there’s no end-user management involved with a virtual PBX, it’s easier to use than a traditional phone system.


What is an Auto-attendant?

Auto-Attendant (or automated attendant) is a term commonly used in telephony to describe a voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to an extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist. The auto-attendant is also known as a digital receptionist.

What is IVR / Interactive Voice Response?

In an IVR system, callers are given the choice to select options by pressing digits. The press of the digit on the telephone keypad sends a DTMF tone to the company host system which then selects the appropriate action / response according to the digit pressed. IVR systems normally handle and service high volumes of phone calls. With an Interactive Voice Response system, businesses can reduce costs and improve customer’s experience as Interactive Voice Response systems allow callers to get the information required 24 hours a day without the need of costly human agents.

What is SIP - Session Initiation Protocol?

SIP, short for Session Initiation Protocol is an IP telephony signalling protocol used to establish, modify and terminate VoIP telephone calls.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (UC) is defined as the process in which all means of communication, communication devices and media are integrated, allowing users to be in touch with anyone, wherever they are, and in real time.

What is Fax to Email?

Fax to Email is widely used by many businesses worldwide as it’s a fantastic way to receive faxes when you’re on the go. The advantage of using Fax to Email with the Insightconxs System is that you don’t need to install a fax modem, fax server or any additional phone lines. Insightconxs converts the received fax and simply forwards it to your email.

Do you have call/hunt groups?

Yes. We have a Call/Hunt Groups feature that rings multiple extensions simultaneously. Call groups allow you to create virtual departments within your organization

Can I forward calls to my mobile device?

Yes, our service will allow you to forward calls to your mobile device or any other phone number. This is a simple yet powerful tool that every employee can control from their mobile app or portal.

Can I have a professionally recorded business phone greeting?

Yes, you can record any greeting and upload it to your account as a .wav or MP3 file at any time. Make a professional first impression with our virtual receptionist

Do I really need all of the features that the Hosted offers?

Maybe, maybe not. Use whatever you need, and any unused features will still be available should your business requirements change in the future. Get familiar with all our features so you can choose what is best for your company.

Do you offer conference call options?

Yes, every extension comes with 3-way calling included. A conference bridge scaling up to 100 callers is available as an additional feature. If you regularly find yourself using a third party for conference calls, we can provide Business’s with a Conference Bridge feature can save your business both time and money. Easily configured from your hosted VOIP service, this feature has a dedicated number, is password protected and has no on-net per-minute fees.

How do I check my voicemail?

With a cloud-hosted phone system, you have several options for how you can check your voicemail and messages:

Directly from your IP phone.

By calling in remotely and entering your PIN.

By email though voicemail-to-email.

Through visual voicemail in the online interface.
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Software & Equipment

Do I need a phone line or special equipment to make this work?

Starting your service with Insightconxs is easy, but it does require high-speed internet access, router, modem and compatible phone. To learn more about getting started with Insightconxs, contact one of our representatives who will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

What software do I need to install?

Absolutely none. Insightconxs hosts the business phone solution for you, so there isn’t a traditional installation like you have with traditional phone providers. It’s a plug-and-play system, so your phones come pre-configured to work on the system — and you simply plug them into your high-speed Internet connection when you’re ready. Additionally, our service is entirely web-based (hosted in the Cloud) and can be accessed from any Internet browser.


How much does service with Insightconxs cost?

Insightconxs offers a range of plans that allow you to build the best plan to suit the needs of your business. Whilst the service is fully flexible and scalable, we can offer a variety of packages that will further provide you with reduced predictable costs. Please get in touchwith one of our representatives who will be happy to go through the costs with you.

Do you offer equipment leasing?

Insightconxs can offer an equipment leasing program. However we do currently offer a range of phones to meet the needs of your company. Please get in touch with one of our friendly representatives who will be happy to go through the costs with you.


What kind of support services do you offer?

Insightconxs know having access to live support when you need it is a big concern when you’re working with your phone system. Our Customer Service team is there to support you every step of the way, whether it’s a question about your bill or even a query on how to set up a new feature.

Can I choose my own number? 

Yes, we can provide several choices of “Golden Numbers” available for your area.

How much Internet bandwidth do I need?  

When you switch to a VoIP solution for your business phone, you will need to ensure that your Internet connection can handle the amount of traffic appropriately. Each active call the Business requires approximately 64 kbps up/down of bandwidth from a DSL, Cable, or Fibre broadband connection. If you’d like to know more, speak to a representative today who will be happy to answer your questions.

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