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Have you fully integrated your communications experience?

unified communication

Have you fully integrated your communications experience?

With the way we communicate socially now part of how we communicate in business, many companies are reviewing how this is evolving within their workplace.

With mobile phones now being the preferred communication device, being able to switch seamlessly between your mobile, tablets and PC’s is gaining pace within companies, especially for small businesses.

We all use similar apps to communicate socially which suit our individual experience, these differences are providing a fragmented experience within the business environment.

As companies look to improve their customer experience, they find deploying one unified communications application (UC), greatly enhances their employee’s experience first, which then improves the customer experience.

Using one communications platform streamlines everything, bringing together your phone, email, video conferencing and other collaboration tools, integrating them all in one place. This means your whole office is running from the same application, which is easy to manage, maintain and provides your customers with a consistent way of dealing with you. 

Moving to one unified application within your business and the needs for more flexible working is great for you and your employees. Coupled with the availability of today’s cloud services and internet access, our work will come to where we are more than traditionally, we go to work.

This benefit of a flexible workplace and being available wherever you are, are predicted to be further enhanced when 5G arrives.  Having the choice of when to be available is important, and the ability through “presence” of letting others know when you’re not is a key benefit.

For small businesses and when starting a business, your customer experience is one of the main critical success factors. So being able to provide an efficient seamless experience, with the ability to manage remote workers well is equally critical.


UC is also a valuable tool that can be used to maintain employee communication and collaboration within a business, despite the fact that you may have several employees working out of the office on a regular basis.

For example, the system allows you to make it appear as though your employees are always ringing or picking up the phone within the office, no matter where they are working from, helping to maintain continuity for the client.

Using the system, employees can easily check the status of their colleagues – available, busy, when they are back at work etc. – and determine the best way of communicating with them.

The advanced suite of tools easily allows staff to collaborate in real-time. For example, they can use instant messaging to contact their colleagues and exchange relevant and concise information quickly and effectively, meaning that questions can be answered quickly, and decisions can be made without the need of meeting face-to-face, perfect for employees who are working using flexible hours.  

All of these benefits make UC a valuable tool, not only for businesses looking to integrate flexible working, but also for businesses who are just looking to improve and streamline their communications, monitor costs and deliver efficiencies.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Unified Communications could benefit you, get in touch with us.

Have you fully integrated your communications experience?

Anthony Gander
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