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How can you introduce Remote Working into your Business?

Technology systems for remote working

How can you introduce Remote Working into your Business?

Despite the many challenges presented by Covid19, technology has enabled businesses to continue working both productively and effectively outside of the traditional workplace. 

It has been great to see so many businesses embracing remote working to evolve and adapt to the current situation. 

With this in mind, we want to ask you whether you feel more businesses will be looking at integrating remote working on a more permanent basis once this is all over, including your own business? 

We know it hasn’t been easy for all and many will have struggled to get this set up and running quickly and effectively, but with the right system and technology in place, this way of working can bring a whole host of benefits to your business and employees.

Cutting Costs

Through investing in more agile systems that facilitate remote working, such as Unified Communications and a VoIP system, this can result in cost savings for your business. 

Due to the versatility of this technology, it can bring your communication tools together under one umbrella, removing the need for additional systems and reducing costs, resulting in a better return on investment on these systems. 

Work Life Balance

Mental health and wellbeing is a huge topic and focus within the working world at the moment and research has shown that having a positive work life balance can play a huge role in this. 

By having the right systems in place that ensure each member of your team can access everything they need, you can easily facilitate remote working for your employees, allowing them to achieve a better work life balance, leading to a more positive and motivated team.   

Boost Productivity

We feel we can speak for many people when we say that the pandemic and working remotely has helped us realise how much time we actually waste. 

Whether it’s through commuting, travelling to meetings or the sheer quantity of meetings we attend – it all adds up.  

Through simply moving this online, we can easily save vast amounts of time which can be used more effectively elsewhere. After all, time is our most valuable tool and asset. 

Improvements to productivity can only be realised if you have the appropriate technology and systems in place, which are reliable and easy to use for your team. 

It is essential that all of your team are able to access files, that you have adequate cloud storage in place and that your telephone systems are agile and responsive. 

With these benefits in mind, it’s time for businesses to really consider how remote working could work for them in the long term following the pandemic. 

If you are looking at ways you could integrate more remote working across your business, our biggest piece of advice is that you need to consider the systems and technology you have in place. 

Many businesses have managed to sort short term solutions to enable staff to work from home. To make this more durable and effective in the long term, you are likely to require more robust systems to get the best results and ensure the highest level of security for you, your staff and clients. 

If you would like to discuss your options for facilitating remote working, our team is on hand to advise and support. 

Anthony Gander
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