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Is your existing WiFi coverage fit for purpose?

Wifi coverage problems

Is your existing WiFi coverage fit for purpose?

Connectivity is essential for businesses in a digital age and the quality of your WiFi plays a big role in achieving and maintaining this.

Without an effective infrastructure in place, the efficiency and day-to-day operations of your business can very quickly become affected.

With this in mind, is your current WiFi coverage working for you?

If you are having issues this could be due to a number of factors.

When businesses are having issues with their coverage, these factors are often easily forgotten or overlooked, but they are often the main cause for the dip in effectiveness. By considering these factors and making just a few small adjustments, you can easily and quickly improve your coverage and connectivity. 

Some of the factors that could be affecting your WiFi coverage and effectiveness could include:

Devices – What devices are currently using your WiFi?

People often underestimate the number of devices that are actually connected to their Wifi networks and with more and more devices now working over Wifi, most companies probably have the number of devices connected to their Wifi 2-3 times the number of their employees.

Every device connected to your network is likely to decrease the available bandwidth to other devices on that network, reducing speed and quality.

So before you do anything else it is important to consider the number of devices that are actually using your WiFi and consider whether all of them need to be connected and if so, it could be time to consider expanding your bandwidth to meet your needs.

Growth – Have you recently expanded your team?

With growth comes new employees, which comes with more devices that need to be connected to the WiFi. With this increase, it can often result in your coverage becoming strained with more devices than your existing bandwidth can cope with.

It is important that before you implement any planned growth that you review your existing WiFi infrastructure and bandwidth in order to make changes to ensure it will remain effective.

By planning ahead, this will help to prevent any connectivity issues for both your existing and new team members and ensure your business and day-to-day operations continue to run effectively.

Expansion – Have you recently undergone a refurb, extension or expansion in your building?

It is likely that your WiFi is not strong enough to reach the new locations or if it does reach, it is very weak, making effective working difficult.

It is vital that you have considered the infrastructure you currently have and put effective measures in place to ensure your coverage is strong enough to reach these new areas in your building.

A simple solution that many people revert to is a WiFi booster,  a simple piece of equipment that connects to your existing Wi-Fi network and extends the signal, creating a bridge between your main router and the new areas.

However, booster are only effective within a relatively short range so if you have undergone a rather large expansion, you may need to consider alternative solutions.

If your business is currently experiencing issues with the quality and coverage of your WiFi, it could be time to reconsider the infrastructure and equipment you have in place, to help meet your current needs and continue meeting them in the future, especially if you have an upcoming expansion project in the pipeline, or plan to grow your team in the near future.

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Anthony Gander
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