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How do you maintain the security of your network?

Improve communication network security

How do you maintain the security of your network?

The internet is an essential tool for businesses but it can also present a number of security and HR related issues.

Having an effective network, internet policy and monitoring process in place is an important part of managing internet usage within your business.

Segmenting your network to improve security

Segmenting your network is a great deterrent to hackers and can minimise security risks for your business.

Put simply, network segmentation involves splitting your computer network into several smaller networks, separating groups of systems or devices from each other.

Traditionally, businesses used to have one network, also referred to as a ‘flat network’, where all of their servers and devices are on the same network, with a first line of defence such as a firewall perimeter in place to prevent an attack. 

While this type of network is easy to manage as all your devices are in one place, it presents huge safety and security risks.

If a hacker or virus were to get through your first line of defence, they would then find one flat network infrastructure, where they would then have free reign of the entire network to carry out malicious activity or an attack.

Through segmenting your network, it makes it more difficult for an attacker to access your entire network, preventing access and minimising security risks.

Network segmentation not only improves security, it also helps to improve monitoring, enabling you to maintain your internet policy and ensure all activity is in line with your policy.

It provides the tools to effectively monitor allowed and denied connections, log events and highlight any suspicious behaviour and violations of your policy, helping to keep your network safe and secure.

The Hospitality Sector as an example

The hospitality industry is a great example of where network segmentation is a valuable tool.

Take a Golf Club and Resort. This is a hospitality business that will have a number of different users, including their employees, club members, guests staying at the resort and those simply visiting for the day.

Each of these users will require access to the internet, but they do not all need access to the same resources and data.

Therefore, through segmenting the network into several smaller networks, the club can maintain a high level of security and achieve better access control, allowing users to only access specific resources relevant to them.

The club can also create internet policies for each network, which the user must agree to before being allowed access, informing the user of what they will be monitoring and tracking, so they are aware.

An effective internet policy will help the club to maintain security and monitoring will ensure all activity is in line with their internet policy.

Important security considerations

Segmenting a network, introducing an internet policy and monitoring usage is a large project for a business and although this approach does require more time to design and manage, the benefits it offers in terms of security, access, monitoring and the containment of any network issues make this approach a very worthwhile investment.

At Insightconxs, we are able to work with you to ensure your network is meeting your needs, improve your security and monitor your network to prevent and minimise risks.  

Anthony Gander
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