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How have all the TOP UK Companies, made Remote working, successful?

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How have all the TOP UK Companies, made Remote working, successful?

We have all seen the adverts on TV with people working from home, where large companies are demonstrating a ‘business as usual’ approach with the ability to help and assist customers while working from home and of course with the token cat walking across the screen.

As a business owner or manager, have you asked the question, how are these companies managing this, what have these companies done or implemented to get remote working, work so well, or have you just dismissed it thinking that because they have big budgets it’s easy for them.

The reality is, it won’t cost you anywhere near the amount you think it will.

During the COVID lockdown, remote working was implemented quickly as a temporary fix to allow business continuity, but many companies have been surprised at how successful this has been and are now looking to make this a more permanent reality. With the uncertainty of how long this current situation could continue or another lockdown, managers are reviewing what and how they manage their business, this is where we can help.

By reviewing your current business practices and looking at implementing a ‘work anywhere’ philosophy, your business will actually improve efficiencies while improving your customer experience.


First step, give us a call and we will guide you through the process.

But again How?

Let’s look at what applications you are using now, what can be moved to a cloud-based service with remote access, this of course includes your telephone system. It would be a pointless exercise if all your business applications were accessed through the cloud, but telephone calls still came through to the desk that no one is sat at anymore, so why not move that to a cloud-based system?

With a cloud based telephone system, any call can be delivered to the right person irrelevant of where they are, with a good internet connection, a softphone installed on their laptop or mobile device, it really doesn’t matter whether they are in the office, at home, or walking the dog.

Keeping Staff Motivated…

Not always easy, but implementing full collaborative tools with video calls & chat you will see your teams building social workplace activities, breakout chats and virtual happy hours, this will give you the employer total employee buy-in.

Put simply, this service streamlines everything, bringing together your phone, email, video conferencing and other communication tools all in one place. This means your whole office can be run in one ‘portal’, which is easy to manage and maintain.

To reiterate, you can  look at how to bring efficiency, convenience and transparency that comes from bringing work online – the new norm, alternatively you could disregard this communication and carry on with the old norm and let your competitors gain the upper hand, we’re here to help and support you to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Anthony Gander