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Majority of UK Businesses considering permanent switch to Remote Working

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Majority of UK Businesses considering permanent switch to Remote Working

When integrating remote working within your business, which areas have you identified that could be improved, for example through the use of cloud-based services can you make this way of working, work better? And would it improve overall performance?

It is clear to see that remote working has enabled many businesses in the short term to continue operating throughout the Covid-19 crisis and lockdown. This has been achieved by implementing and using cloud-based services or products whether short-term or longer-term, managers have realised the importance and flexibility of implementing such services.

One thing this crisis has shown, is how quickly we can adapt as a business and managers are now seeing the benefits that remote working has to offer and reviewing whether this could become a more permanent fixture.

If this is the case for you, as you look to continue integrating remote working for your teams, is it time to review the tools and communication services you currently have in place to identify any weaknesses and areas for improvement?

Despite the range of benefits that remote working has to offer; they can only be realised if you have the right infrastructure and systems in place for your team.

Cloud Technology will continue to play a significant role

Businesses are relying more than ever on cloud-technology to enable “work from anywhere” to happen seamlessly with remote workers. There is a growing demand for virtual workplace solutions that help teams continue to collaborate, communicate, and operate as usual.

As teams move their meetings to conference calls, increase use of chat sessions, online document sharing and digital workflows, many are seeing the huge benefit in efficiency, convenience and transparency that comes from bringing work online. 

Similarly, social workplace activities and breakout chats are finding their online version through employee-driven group chats and virtual happy hours. With the digital workspace able to truly replicate all the elements of working together in an office, more companies are likely to stick to this as a long-term solution and method of working together as part of their “new normal”.

In order to achieve this, you will require collaborative tools that are both reliable yet flexible to continue supporting you, your teams and your changing needs.

What should you consider when reviewing your systems?

Firstly, the systems you are using today, need to be moved to online services that are easy to use, simple to access and can be used anywhere.

A great way to ensure your staff will be able to use any new process or system effectively, utilising all the tools it has to offer is by asking for their input and feedback before making any decision or changes, this help buy-in to any changes your may implement.

After all, they are the ones who have been using your current systems to work remotely over recent months and will know first-hand what has worked well for them and weaknesses they have picked up on.

You also want your services to be secure and reliable, regardless of where your staff will be using them. It needs to provide your team with the ability to access it and work from anywhere, whether that is at their home, on the move or when they return back to the office.

Does, your existing systems offer tools that facilitate collaboration amongst your staff? Does it make communicating with clients a smooth and easy process?

Integrating a durable, agile and flexible system that can grow and adapt with your business far into the future will ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Communication Considerations of Remote Working

Below we have discussed some of the communication considerations to remote working, as well as a number of systems that can help to support effective remote working across your business and continue supporting you going forward.

Hosted Telephony

Hosted Telephony is a cloud-based telephone service that provides a flexible and efficient way to manage your communications, easily deliver any call to the right person, irrelevant of where they are.

Integrating this service takes away many of the hardware and software needs of past telephone systems and easily and effectively supports the remote working of your team, basically no member of your team has to be glued to their desk or desk phone.

With a good internet connection, a device such as a soft phone client on a laptop, they will be able access their calls, provide updates and continue working just as if they were in the office, and the best part is that due to the seamless integration this system offers, your clients will still receive the best possible customer and user experience.

Unified Communications

Unified Communication is also a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes and enables you to provide a seamless experience for your clients and manage remote workers effectively, whilst still facilitating collaboration between your teams.

Put simply, this service streamlines everything, bringing together your phone, email, video conferencing and other communication tools all in one place. This means your whole office can be run in one ‘portal’, which is easy to manage and maintain.

Wifi and Broadband Packages

One of the most common issues that clients have come to us with whilst supporting their teams to work from home during Covid-19 is regarding connectivity, particularly their broadband / internet quality.

Going from dedicated office internet access to home internet access, where you are competing with many other activities; gaming, multiple video / movie sessions etc, can impact your ability to work reliably.

We have helped provide tailored internet packages to businesses, which can include the installation of internet/broadband connections within your employees’ homes, so they have the right speeds to continue working effectively.


With many people adopting Microsoft Teams to support their full suite of collaboration tools, for chat, video, calls, Calls4Teams is a simple upgrade to your account enabling all your calls to all UK and International numbers, mobiles and non-Teams users in one place making it easier for your staff to work from anywhere.  

Calls4Teams supports the use of Microsoft Teams across multiple devices so that you are able to access the application either when working from home, in the office or on mobile.

Split Workforce Approach: The best of both worlds?

Perhaps you are looking to continue with remote working for the time being, but with the aim to have your employees splitting their time between the home and office in the future.

This split workforce approach can not only help to enforce social distancing but could also ensure that your team continues to stay connected and engaged. 

But what would this approach mean for technology and connectivity?

Facilitating this is actually a lot easier than people initially think, especially when you work alongside an experienced business who are specialists in business technology, systems and communication.

If you would like to learn more about any of the items discussed here, for example how Microsoft Teams could help your business, or how to move more of your current systems into the cloud, that will facilitate split working, then give us a call on 01386 579000 to discuss how we can help you.

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