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Business Telephony

Our Hosted VoIP system is a managed IP telephony service providing you with a feature-rich system that is easy to set-up and you don’t need lots of equipment so there are minimal start-up costs, giving you potential cost savings and efficiency gains.Hosted VoIP, Hosted PBX, Hosted Telephony or Cloud Communications are interchangeable terms given to the provision of sophisticated telephony features in the cloud, direct to users on a subscription basis.

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Aiir – Wi-Fi

Aiir provides full, reliable, wi-fi coverage across your business premises. In return for a monthly fee, Insightconxs will take care of everything else, making sure that your business gets connected and stays connected to the internet, thus making sure that you remain productive throughout your working day.

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IT & Desktop Support

We take your IT seriously as we understand how critical it is for your business, and offer a rapid, reliable service. From fully managed service contracts and ad-hoc support to outsourcing of your complete IT team, tell us what you need, what you would like us to do and we will tailor a solution to suit your business.

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At Insightconxs, we search and do all the hard work for you, working with Carphone Warehouse Business, we can offer the best tariffs and handsets from all networks and manufacturers that suite your call profile. Once we have completed a full analysis, free of charge, we will recommend a solution and tarriff that means you are paying and using what you actually require, not what pays us the best commission.

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Next Generation Broadband is a family of superfast internet access that can really make a difference to your business, why suffer a slow connection? or have you, just got used to it? By moving to a new fibre connection you will notice an increase in productivity and efficiency within your teams, a worthy investment don’t you think?

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With all the advancements in technology and the modern office, why do we settle for the same old experience when it comes to one of our most valuable office productivity tools – the telephone? Shouldn’t today’s desk phone sound dramatically better than your mobile phone? Wouldn’t it be great to access video and applications with the swipe of a finger? Polycom and Yealink desktop solutions bring lifelike voice, video, and application communications to every user in your facility.

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Office 365

The same Office you already know and use every day, but powered by the Cloud. Office 365 allows you to get to your applications and files from virtually anywhere, on your PC, Mac, Tablet, and Mobiles. With Office 365, your business will always have the most up to date Office applications.

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