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Why now is an ideal time to review your communication systems?

business communication system return to work

Why now is an ideal time to review your communication systems?

With the return to work just around the corner for many businesses, now is the time to review the office technology and systems you have in place.

How has business been coping and adapting during the Covid19 crisis?

Did your existing technology help you, or did you require the help and assistance of new and innovative solutions to overcome the many new challenges presented by Covid19?

For many businesses this time has helped highlight the vital systems, technology and processes they truly rely on to be able to operate whilst simultaneously highlighting those systems that no longer work for them.

Has this been the case for you?

By take the time now to identify what really works for you and what you may need to integrate will help ensure you can continue operating effectively in the working world following Covid19.

Preparing to go back to work

It is vital that when your staff return back to the workplace that they have everything they need to work effectively from the outset.

So, if you are going to require more agile systems to facilitate this, now is the time to prepare and implement.

With discussions also taking place around a potential ‘split workforce’ approach, you may also need to look at ways to continue supporting the remote working of your staff on a more permanent basis.  

Unified Communications is an invaluable tool that could be ideal for your business.

What to consider when reviewing your systems

Start by asking yourself:

  • How well have your existing systems/technologies worked for you and your team during the lockdown?
  • Has your telephone service been flexible enough to support you?
  • Have your remote workers been happy with their internet service?
  • Do you have enough of the right devices (mobile phones, laptops etc.) to improve the way you support remote working?
  • What will be the key change in how you work and communicate, as you return to work?

This should give you a quick and easy indication of any changes needed ahead of your return to work.

You can then look at things in more detail.

Identify and resolve issues

Assess whether your systems are working effectively. This will help to identify any issues that may have been impacting productivity within your business.

You will then have time to resolve these issues before returning, helping to prevent any setbacks.

If you find an issue that cannot be resolved easily, then it could be time to find a better solution.

Consider the alternatives

When reviewing your systems, it is also important to look at how you have been using it.

You may already have the right technology in place for you and your team, but you haven’t been using it to its full functionality.

If this is the case, you may not need to invest in new systems/technology, but instead spend time learning more about your existing systems to utilise them to their fullest potential.

Source advice from a third party

You may not have the knowledge, time, or resources to conduct an in-depth review of your systems.

This is where you should look at sourcing the help and expertise of a third party, who can look at your existing set up and advise on changes and solutions that will really benefit you and your teams.

Planning ahead and reviewing your office systems now will give you the peace of mind that your systems are going to support you, your workforce and the new needs and challenges Covid19 will present.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for more agile, flexible, and innovative solutions, or advice to help you review your systems, our team are more than happy to help.

Anthony Gander