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Cloud based Business Telephony

Low set-up costs, low call charges, no maintenance charges

Hosted Telephony

Our Hosted VoIP system is a managed IP telephony service providing you with a feature-rich system that is easy to set-up and you don’t need lots of equipment so there are minimal start-up costs, giving you potential cost savings and efficiency gains.


With a wide range of calling features all as standard, our fully managed Hosted VOIP system is designed specifically for the needs of modern organisations. Delivered through the cloud, our system suites all types of companies offering significantly more agility and flexibility than a site based phone system. With the ability to manage the system yourself, it is scalable whether you have 5 or 500 users.


Hosted VoIP, Hosted PBX, Hosted Telephony or Cloud Communications are interchangeable terms given to the provision of sophisticated telephony features in the cloud, direct to users on a subscription basis.


Insightconxs Hosted Service is managed and supported remotely by our team of technical professionals. You receive a complete suite of features with options on other features for one simple price per extension, free of on-site PBX CAPEX and maintenance costs.


Scale up or down as your business requires, you only pay for the extensions you actually use.

What are the Benefits

Low Cost

Low implementation cost , no annual maintenance charges, low call charges, just a simple monthly license fee per user

Unlimited Flexibilty

With a hosted system you can scale the system up or down whenever the business needs require it, the model is based on, you pay for what you use, not what you may use.


With a cloud based system, we manage system and security updates without additional cost, or the need for engineers to attend site, we manage this remotely giving you the knowledge that your system is always up-to-date

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